Vlug Wonen b.v.
Kuipersdijk 127

Tel: 053-8200820
Mail: info@vlugwonen.nl

Working method

Working Method Vlug Wonen

1. Registration

You can register yourself for free at our website. You could find the registrationform under the heading "subscribe". After registration we will contact you to discuss your wishes and to explain our rental process. Based on your data and wishes, we will focus on the search for suitable housing.

2. Viewing(s)

When we find one or more suitable houses for you, we will get in contact with you to schedule a viewing. The visit takes place at a time when it suits you and we always try to visit more houses on this day. The tour is always accompanied by one of our rental agent.

3. Rents

When you indicate that you want to rent the property, we will ask some documents from you. On the basis of these documents, we will propose you as a candidate to the landlord. The landlord must eventually accept you as a tenant. If the landlord agrees, we plan with you an appointment to sign the rental contract. The signing of the rental contract is at our office on Kuipersdijk 127 in Enschede. After that we will go to the house, where you will receive the keys. The house will do an incheck with you, we note the meter readings, condition of the property and any defects.

For us, quality is a higher priority than quantity, so we will also ensure that the procedure is good and neat!