Vlug Wonen b.v.
Kuipersdijk 127

Tel: 053-8200820
Mail: info@vlugwonen.nl

Why Vlug Wonen?

Why Vlug Wonen?

Vlug Wonen brings demand and supply of rental houses in Twente smoothly together.

Because we react quickly on the current market trends, we have a great supply of rental houses in Enschede, Hengelo, Oldenzaal, Almelo, Haaksbergen, Losser and the whole region of Twente.

Therefore, based on your wishes in combination with our knowledge and experience, you can rent the right house in the right neighbourhood with great amenities and affordable monthly costs, quickly!

Our housing consultants are working hard daily to increase our new housing supply. On the website www.vlugwonen.nl is the current list of available houses. We do not have waiting lists and therefore you have the direct possibility to rent a house. We operate in a transparent manner. By being clear in advance, we avoid disappointments afterwards.

* Vlug Wonen has a large supply of rental houses. From a student room to a villa, from an outlying family house to an apartment downtown. There should be a suitable house for you in our supply!

* Personal advice and guidance from the time of registration to the handover of the keys by our experienced housing consultants.

* Vlug Wonen is called Vlug Wonen for a reason! We don’t have waiting lists and lottery systems and we are flexible, therefore we can be quickly of service to you.